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【About Furry】
Furry is a fan based community that shares same interest for both real animals, and anthropomorphic animals, or rather, animals with human characteristics from cartoons or animations. Most of the furry fans express their passion for anthropomorphic characters through art and being super creative; some even dress up, perform in big fuzzy animal costumes called "Fursuits". People who live this kind of lifestyle are called furry fans, or "Furry" for short.
Originally by dictionary, furry meant fuzzy or hairy, something most people would describe their cats and dogs as. Yet lately the term is more used for fans who enjoy activities associated with furry subjects, meetings, cultural education etc., and that basically forms what we call "Furry Fandom" today.

【About Infurnity】
Infurnity consists of animal and furry enthusiastic friends who decided to team up and host social meeting events. Through activities such as interactive gaming, and helping out charity, people who have this unique common interest can participate and get to know each other whether one has a fursuit or not.
The term Infurnity came from "infinity", as we hope with our effort and the event we host it'll help the furry culture grow and extend to infinity in Taiwan.
We also hope furry fans of all types (and species!) enjoy the exciting con environment with its broad range of activities we have to provide in the near future!

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