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Charity Raffle

Furry culture is rooted with animals among us on this planet. Through our charity raffle we hope that by raising donations in a fun and exciting event, furries can take part in supporting animal related conservation organizations and thank them for their hard work.
We're privileged to cooperate with Raptor Research Group of Taiwan (RRGT) this year, to provide awards for the raffle activity. Any income will be donated to RRGT for research purpose.
Raptor Research Group of Taiwan (RRGT) was founded by researchers and investigators dedicated to preserve, study and participate in the international research of raptors.
Raptors are elegant creatures which were worshiped and praised by human civilizations. RRGT rates "Raptors Appreciation" as a core value of the organization and it's also their most important task to popularize it. RRGT also holds many Taiwan raptor ecological symposiums, art exhibitions and other activities.


【Charity Raffle】
► Raffle tickets can be purchased at service desk during convention hours.
► The ticket price is TWD. 50 each, no upper limit.
► Leave the raffle part of the ticket in the drawing box, and keep the other half safe for that we can't reissue any lost tickets.
► Please make sure arrive at the closing ceremony on time for charity raffle. Ticket winner can't claim the prize without personally present at the ceremony.
► Most of the prizes can be take home right from the event, for prizes such as commissions artists will contact you regards to details via e-mail.


【Prize List】
Raptor Research Group of Taiwan sponsored--
Raptor T-shirt / Two Prize
Raptor Pillow / Five Prizes
Ceramic Coaster / Five Prizes
Raptor-saving Patch / Five Prizes

(For keeping a surprise to us, they decided to only show b/w samples here.)


(Below are sample CDs, may offer different kinds at the event)

ATRLIER AMANOJAKU PARTIAL FURSUIT (with hands and tail) / One Prize


Tokyo Afterschool Summoners Merchandise Combo Set, including :
Offical Artbook-SUMMOPEDIA VOLUME ONE + Button Set + Folder Set + Bag + Sticker Set + Keychain + Mr. Kinoshita Jirou and Mr. Syukou Akanaru Autograph Board
/ Three Prizes

FUR CON SOUVENIR / Six Prizes total

JMoF 2018 T-shirt、 NFC 2018 T-shirt、 TTC 2018 T-Shirt+Note Book / One Prizes,  Roast Pillow / One Prize、Furum 2017 T-Shirt / One Prizes,  Tiger Doll / One Prize


Wolf's works Snowleopard Pawprint Bandanas (with Infurnity 2018 limit color) / Six Prizes

Flight Base. 飛行基地 "Rabbit" Hood Sculpture(one off ) / One Prize

波樂很有事 POLAR BEAR PILLOW / Five Prizes


► Tickets Selling hours: 10/27 (SAT) - Full Day , 10/28 (SUN) - Close at 17:00
► Raffle starts at: 10/28 (SUN) 17:00 Closing Ceremony