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Guest of Honor

Silver Fox


Silver Fox is a well-known Malaysian furry artist who is expert in cute and chi-bi art style. He started his furry art career from 2003. You can easily recognize his art with the sparkling big eyes and delicate details.

As a full-time freelance artist, Silver Fox has published multiple personal art books, taken numberless furry related commissions and participated in the illustrations of board game and video game CG. He also has rich furry convention experiences, including FurDu2014, FWA2015, Furum2015, NFC2016 and FurWag2016 as their Guest of Honor.

He enjoys sharing his art techniques as well as his adorably creative art ideas. It's our great honor to invite him to join the convention and draw the fairy tale theme illustration for us. Please don't be shy to say hello and lose the precious chance to meet with him!











Fox Amoore


Fox Amoore is a Scottish composer who specialized in piano and orchestral music in the genre of New-age. He has published dozens of personal music albums and composed the soundtracks for video games, commercial programs and events such as furry conventions.

As a furry himself, he also cooperates with artists in the furry fandom, raising the emotion in their arts into another level by embellishing them with affecting rhythm. The outstanding delicacy in the arrangements and atmosphere creations make his music well-known and all-time favorite to the fans. He had been invited as the GOH in numerous furry conventions, such as FC, FA United, Furdu, Furnal Equinox and Megaplex.

Recently, he's been doing tour performance with his partner singer Pepper Coyote in the name of “Foxes and Peppers” in various furry conventions all around the world and published an album. His latest independent albums “Come Find Me” and “The Dreamcatcher” also caught great attentions among the audiences.

We're privileged to invite him to join Infurnity 2018 and compose a theme song for us. Furthermore, the famous fursuit Youtuber - Majira Strawberry will also attend our convention with him. This is a great opportunity to meet two major figures in the furry fandom!