NEWS! 即日起開放現場報名 Registration on site opening

Registration Info

On-Site registration opening

On-site registration process-

1.We're open for regular attendee registration on site this year for people who can attend only one day. For keep you waiting shorter in line, now you can sign up your data on our website before the con. Be sure to bring your passport to the con front desk at the lobby within the service time to begin the process.

2. Click the button below and choose the date you wish to join. The on-site registration fee is 700 TWD per day and only available on the day you sign up. After fill up all the request info, you will receive a confirm email about your data. If you wound like to attend another day, please sign up and finish the process again.

3. Please provide the staff at the front con desk with your passport and badge name in order to confirm your registration and pay in cash. If you would like to attend both the first and second day, the registration fee has to be paid on separate days. After completing registration, you will receive a one-day con badge and will be able to enjoy the convention!




700 TWD


  • One day pass
  • One day pass paper badge
  • Con book