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Guest of Honor


Artist & Animator

Nviek5 is an artist and an animator from Taiwan. The first appearance of his arts on the Internet can be traced back to 2012. From the illustrations of his OCs to brilliant digital artworks with vivid coloring and shading, his art techniques progressed as the number of his followers grows over the years. As an artist who values friendship, he has created several doujinshis to share his life with his friends, especially those precious memories and joyful moments. Now his works are commonly displayed on many doujinshi conventions in Taiwan, under the name "Nviek5 Works".

Not just settled with the static arts, his skill also flourishes in animation making. Inspired by the Japanese animation PV, he has created many excellent animated music video that can be seen on his Youtube Channel. Combining the stunning visual atmosphere and precise match of rhythm and frames, his animation art style has won him not only the attentions from the fans, but also a role in the making of the Taiwanese game "Nekojishi" as the game theme trailer maker.

To see more of his works, you could visit his Facebook Page "Nviek5 Works", Youtube Channel "Nviek5" and his plurk. Go follow his recent artworks and give him some warm supports!


Artist & Fursuit Maker

Bazteki is an artist and a fursuit maker from the United States. They have contributed their skills to the furry fandom since 2005.

They specialize in various materials, most of the time using acrylic painting, with which to create an abstract visual representation of animals and anthropomorphic characters. Well-recognized by their bold contrast and strong fusion of colors, their visually stimulating artworks are the manifestation of healing and meditation.

When not holding the paintbrush, they deliver their magnificent fursuit making skill with distinctive style. One of their creations, a garnet-colored lion, appears in our new venue intro video. Additionally, they have collaborated with Wild Life in the making of several fursuits, among which is the renowned sabretooth "RaverTooth".

You can spot Bazteki at many major US furry conventions. They visited Taiwan a few times, and have adored the special culture and scenery. This year, they will show up in a newly-made fursuit to join us at the Infurnity. Please feel free to say hello to them and give each other warm and kind regards!