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Survival Guide

【Hey there! Are you a first timer?】

Is this the first time you’ve ever attended a furry convention? The vast venue and the events must be a bit overwhelming to a beginner. Relax! The furry convention is a precious chance for you to explore the world of furries outside the Internet and get acquainted with fellow furries! Now, before you throw yourself into a whole new experience, you might want to take some time to read the helpful tips and notes we’ve prepared for the first timer. This guide will be divided into several parts, including: Mindset, Packing for the convention, Travel to Tamsui, Convention events and Convention Etiquette. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


Wowie! Congratulations you made it to the last! We sincerely hope this guide would be helpful for making your convention experience better. See you at the Infurnity and wish you have a blast in our convention!


Authors: Shu (@shuthegreyfox)
Malicx (@MalicxFox)

Translators: Malicx (@MalicxFox)
Ray Ting (@RaytingTW)
2019 / 07 / 10



【Reference resource】

FurAffinity United: Attendee Survival Guide(visit time: 2019/07/01)
Furry Weekend Atlanta: Your First Convention(visit time: 2019/07/01)