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We are privileged to have the "Fullon Hotel Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf" as venue for Infurnity 2019!



The 5-star Fullon Hotel is located within Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf, close to the estuary of Tamsui River. The excellent mountain and sea view are complemented by its unique cruiser-like shape, resembling a giant ship embarking on a cruise. As its nickname "love boat" suggests, the hotel has 198 elegant rooms and suites in a luxurious yet low key style to be suggestive of an urban getaway atmosphere. Each room has its unique day and night view of the GuanYin mountains, the Bali ferries and the gorgeous sunset of Tamsui.


The hotel features free wifi network connection, outdoor swimming pools, wellness center with sauna, hot spring, SPA and fitness center. The 360-degree revolving "Lover's Tower" with its height of 100 meters provides a panoramic view of Tamsui.

A wide variety of beverages and food services are offered in the Arcadia Café, Fu-Yuan Chinese restaurant and two bars.

Outside the hotel, there are Starbucks and other convenience stores situated in the nearby shopping mall. You will surely find something to meet your appetite when needed.



Address: No.83, Guanhai Road, Tamsui Dist, New Taipei City


The Hotel Facilities

The Lover's Tower


This 100m-high revolving tower accommodates a maximum of 80 people. You can enjoy a panoramic view over Tamsui River and the amazing scenery of the Taiwan Strait and GuanYin Mountain from the top of the tower. Whether it's a golden dawn or a poetic sunset, the different scenery will succumb you to its special charm.

GAMIX VR Game Center


The largest VR game center of Northern Taiwan lies in the shopping mall area on the 1F of the hotel. Motorcycle racing, ultimate survival and more games on the GAMIX VR/AR system will bring you the most immersive game experience ever.


Fullon Star KTV


The hotel karaoke is located on the 3rd floor and features a chess room and KTV.  It has four exquisite, private KTV compartments for you to sing to your heart's content with ease of mind all night long! You can request your favorite songs and enjoy all kinds of beverages and liquors in this comfy open space.

Lih spa


The Lih spa provides a variety of soothing aroma therapies and massage services. Indulge yourself with fascinating Tamsui harbor scenes and the "Golden Beauty Spring" that can keep your skin beautiful and healthy!


Nearby Attractions

Tamsui Old Street


Nearby the MRT Tamsui station lies the famous Tamsui Old Street. It is divided into the inner and outer side. The outer street is the golden anchor walkway of Tamsui river coast, while the inner side is a traditional old street lined with bustling shops. There are genuine traditional pastry shops, groceries and stores selling trendy outfits and toys. The popular cuisines in the area include "A-Gei", fish ball, fried fish crackers, traditional baked cake, century eggs, etc. are all must-try goodies. In the evening, the beautiful scenery of the sun setting below the ocean horizon can be seen all along the golden anchor walkway.

Fisherman's Wharf


The marvelous Fisherman's Wharf is only a minute walk from the hotel. The two biggest landmarks that cannot be missed here are the "Wooden Boardwalk", a perfect place for ocean gazing, and the white, sail shaped "Lover's Bridge". Every day before dusk, you can see crowds of people lining up tripods waiting to capture the famous and beautiful scene of the sun setting over the ocean.


Tamsui Ferry Pier


10 minutes by bus from the hotel, the Tamsui Ferry Pier is on the right side of the Tamsui river bank. You can take the ferry from here to Bali or back to Fisherman's Wharf and indulge yourself in the picturesque scenery of mountains and the river, or simply walk along the riverside pavement and enjoy the iconic sunset with some delightful dessert in your hand.


Fort San Domingo


Fort San Domingo is the most prominent monument to foreign involvement in Taiwan. First built in 1629 by the Spanish, Fort San Domingo was intended to aid the imposition of Spanish rule over the local Chinese and aboriginal populations in northern Taiwan.The fort became known as the "Hongmao Castle" (Fort of the Red Heads) in reference to the colorful locks of its Dutch occupants.
Fort San Domingo's position overlooking the estuary of the Tamsui River makes it a particularly attractive scenic spot. Nowadays the interior of the fort is used as a cultural relics exhibition, displaying the historical pictures and literatures.