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Panel Wanted

Infurnity is inviting you to host a panel with fellow furries!

Sharing culture within the furry community is essential for Infurnity to thrive, and by running panels, everyone is welcome to learn new things from or to have inspiring discussions with panelists or other panel participants. In other furry conventions around the world, it is pretty common to see so many panels hosted by self-driven enthusiasts just like you and me. On that account, for the first time of our convention, we would like to invite YOU to share your ideas and host a panel!
Wanna host a tutorial session? Wanna share your thoughts as an artist? Ready to spread your love or interest with like-minded participants? Or maybe you just want to host a meet 'n' greet or feeling like to play a game with fellow con-goers and guests?
Whatever it might be, please don’t hesitate to submit it! We would love to have you being a part of what makes Infurnity an excellent convention.
Your panel can be as formal or informal as you’re comfortable with, from a structured presentation, to a casual conversation or even just a silly game!

Here is a list of possible topics:


It’s a Furry Thing
- The Story of Furry Fandom (history and culture)
- Furry Projects (project presentation)
- Furry Lifestyle (fursona and you, self-identification)

Art and Creation
- Drawing (techniques, inspiration, philosophy)
- Writing (literature discussion, writing techniques)
- Animation (how to bring characters to life)
- Music (craft your own rhythm, synths and sequencers)
- Handicraft (making plushies, how to pick your tools)
- Photograph (gadget comparison, lighting and composition)
- Film Making (post-processing softwares, storytelling with camera movement)

Fursuit and Fursuiting
- Making (fursuit makers dos and don’ts)
- Acting (character interpretation, postures and expressions)
- Caring (cleaning 101, handler’s tips)

Hobby and Others
- Meet & Greet (LGBT meet-up, regional furry gathering)
- ACG fans (Pokemon GO, Zootopia, Lion King)
- Animals (fox enthusiasts, reptile caring)
- Travel (attending furcons abroad, travel plans and budgets)
- Bodybuilding (healthy diet plan, muscle gaining)
- Dancing (dance tutorial, body movement)
- Tabletop games (furry-related table games, TCG)
- Technology (building your own website, game consoles)

And of course, everything related to furry and/or this year's theme!



► Deadline: until 2019/08/10
► The applicant MUST register for Infurnity. Every panelist MUST register for Infurnity.
► 60min per panel session will be provided. We suggest applicants to allocate around 15min of their session for smooth transition between successive panels.
► The content of the panel must be suitable for age 15+.
► No extra charge is allowed for hosting any kinds of panel.
► We provide projectors, speakers, microphones and whiteboards. Anything else such as equipment, stationary or props should be prepared by the panelists themselves.
► Once the application is submitted, we will review the application and arrange a time slot. We will inform about the result and communicate it via email.
► In order to run the program smoothly, please arrive at the event location at the given time to test run your panel. We also encourage panel host(s) to arrive before their panel begins for preparation.
► Should you have any questions in regard to panel programming, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.


Application Form
>>> Google Application Form  <<<
► Open until 2019/08/10 or all of the session slots are filled.



Q: I’d like to host an event! But I don’t know how! Can you help me?
Great to hear that you’re interested in hosting an event! We suggest that you discuss with your friends or do some online-research first. You could also consider forming a group and hosting the event together. The Infurnity Staff can share some advice during the review, but you have to take care of the details on your own. Use your imagination!


Q: What is a Meet & Greet? How do we run the event?
A Meet & Greet is just an excuse for a bunch of like-minded people to get together and talk, and hopefully make some new friends! So relax and take it easy! You just need to be there to initiate and guide the event. Some ideas for Meet & Greet could be like: A Snow Leopard meet-up, a Harry Potter get-together, IT/Programmer Furs, and even Poke' Furs.


Q: Will you guys promote my event/panel?
Yes. The approved applicants can provide their visual promotion or posters, no later than the end of August. There will be a promotion period during September and October.


Q: Chinese is not my mother language. Can I host an event though? Will there be any non-Chinese panels?
Language criteria is not included in the reviewing process, which means any applicants from any country could apply for hosting a panel. However we do suggest the applicants use Chinese, English or Japanese as language for their panel. We will add language indicators on the panel information in our conbook.