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5 Years Anniversary Special Raffle

Infurnity is celebrating its 5th birthday! We’d like to appreciate supports from all of you and all these 5 fruitful years, with the raffle event with a special prize! All the attendees who had participated in our convention are welcomed!

Raffle Qualification: Attendees who have registered Infurnity 2019 and had participated in the past Infurnity for 2 years or more.
Raffle Until: September 30th, 2019
What to do: Take the photo of your previous official Infurnity con badges and reply with the photo to the event post in our official social media. With two or more badges, you’re granted with the chance to win the raffle prize; with all four badges, you’ll win the prize directly!


Raffle Prize
5-Year-Anniversary-Edition Neoprene Bottle Holder (with straps) x 100

How to Participate
1. Collect two or more of your previous official Infurnity con badges, and take a photo of all of them putting together with the printed name visible. (The name on the badges is not necessary to be the same if you have changed the name on the badge over the past years.)
2. Reply the official event posts on either Twitter, Plurk or Facebook and use the hashtag #Infurnity2019 with the photo.
3. Register for Infurnity 2019 before the end of the raffle. The qualification will only be granted after you finished the registration.
4. One extra raffle ticket will be given to the attendees with 3 official con badges. With all 4 official con badges, the attendee will receive the prize directly!

FaceBook Official Event Post

Plurk Official Event Post

Twitter Official Event Post



  • The list of raffle winners will be announced on 7:00 PM (GMT+8), October 12nd.
  • The raffle winners should collect their prize in the gift counter during the con. Any unclaimed prize after the convention will be considered as forfeited.
  • Repetitive posting or replying to multiple social media platform WILL NOT grant the extra raffle tickets. Please reply to only one social media platform.
  • The raffle ticket will be given to the name on the con badge. Any theft behavior or fake use of other’s badge will be deprived of the chance to join the raffle.



Q: I can’t find my con badge, what should I do?
Unfortunately, the photo of the con badge is necessary to join the raffle. In this case, you might not be able to participate.


Q: I’ve only attended the Infurnity for once, can I join this raffle too?
Thank you for your interest! But this event is a special appreciation for those people who have supported us over the years, so we’re sorry to inform you that these chances are only provided to the attendees who had participated for 2 years or more.